Operation Voltage: DC 11V to 15 V.
Standby Current: 25 mA at  DC 12V
Dialing Mode: TONE / PULSE switch.
M/ B Rate: 33.3 / 66.7 or 40 / 60 (According to specification of exchange System of Telephone office )  
PPS: 10
Trigger Type: NC, NO dry contact, DC12V
Password: At least 4 digit, to stop the dialing and can be change the setting of content. (Original password is 0911 )
Permanent Memory: The Voice message, telephone no and password never to loss, when DC power failure.
Digital no of telephone: Each Telephone no, has 16 digit capacity.
Voice Recording Time: 10 second.
Weight: 0.25 kg
Dimensions: 140×90 x 5.51 mm ( W X H X D )